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Frequently asked questions - POMMIER E-customer service

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  • This module, reserved for our customers and accessible by ID and password, provides price andavailability information on products for the customer's desired quantities and shipping dates andoffers customers the ability to place pre-orders.
  • You can request an account to be created from the home page of the site by clicking on the button"Create an account" or in the "Log in" menu. Your request will be sent to your area manager whowill activate your account without delay (from the day after the request is made).
  • Your ID is the personal email address you entered into our database. The password is the one youchose when you first logged on. This password is strictly personal and POMMIER has noknowledge of it.
  • You can reset your password by clicking on "Log in" then "Password lost".
  • Please check that the email has not gone into your spam folder and that your firewall is notblocking our emails. If you are still unable to receive our emails, please contact your area manageror your sales assistant.
  • To download our 2D / 3D plans, you must enter the product reference in the search bar to displaythe product sheet. At the bottom of this sheet is the specifications table you can click on todownload the plans. Access to the plans is reserved for our customers after they log on to the site.
  • To finalise your pre-order, please check that it is of a minimum amount of €100 (see our Terms andConditions), that you have supplied a delivery address and checked the box "I have read andaccept the general terms and conditions of sale".
  • All prices listed on our website are "excluding shipping". Shipping costs for your order will appearon the order acknowledgment of receipt after your pre-order is processed by our SalesAdministration team.
  • This is the date used to calculate the availability of a product. If the system tells you that theproduct you want is not available in the quantities and by the dates desired, you can try again witha smaller quantity or later date.
  • When your pre-order is validated, this date is the shipping time proposed for the entire order. Ifyour order contains items with different dates, the system will by default suggest the latest date forthe entire order. To receive available products earlier, we suggest removing the products with thelongest delivery times and do a second preorder, making sure the €100 minimum is reached foreach pre-order.
  • If you are from a design office and are working for one of our customers, or you are a customer ofone of our Export distributors, we can create a dedicated account for you enabling you to downloadproduct plans and documents, but not to access the POMMIER E-customer service. Apply for thisdedicated account using the contact form.
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