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Frequently asked questions - ADDITIONAL BODYWORK ACCESSORIES

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  • The Open sliding roof kits are designed for vehicles 2550 mm wide.
  • Posts 3544051 are fully compatible with POMMIER Open roofs. The link between the sliding roof and the post is provided by post slides 3110397.
  • No, the movable crate wedges 3644253 S only have 2 openings and cannot be positioned in the corners. 
    ISO 1161 wedges are standardised and have 3 openings. They are inserted in the corners of standard containers.
  • No, a grill is not essential for the installation.
  • 202 x 274 mm (see the drawing of P/N 41046660).
  • No, our ventilators and fans are not ADR approved.
  • No, our ventilators and fans are not compliant with the ATEX standard.
  • There is no latch to hold the ventilator open. The hinge spring tension is sufficient to hold the cover open.
  • The cut out is 500 x 350 x 50R
  • The adhesive used for the blind spot stickers is suitable for bonding on covers. Bonding problems may be due to:
    Greasy covers
    Covers not cleaned.
  • In the event of a malfunction, the Easylift electrical system can be reactivated using a safety key (option).
  • Tightening torque is 6 Nm.
  • In order to prevent any risk of injury, the shaft springs must be locked, by turning the two safety screws, before the panels are removed.
  • Our stepladders 3943948, 3943955, 3943956, 3943957 and 3943958 accept a static load of 260 kg, in accordance with standard EN-131-2
    There is no official approval for these products. They are simply tested and validated compliant with standard EN-131 that regulates the manufacture and testing of ladders, stepladders and platforms.
  • The single action Lift Up, P/N 0844905, has a shaft, the geometry of which is specifically designed to provide assistance for openings such as ramps and tailgates.
    The double action Lift Ups, P/N 0844906 and 0844907, have shafts, the geometry of which is specifically designed to provide assistance for openings such as awnings.
  • The LIFT Up elevator type is determined as a function of the application:
    For openings such as tailgates or ramps, a single action elevator, P/N 0844905, should be used
    For openings of the awning type, a double action elevator, P/N 0844906 or 0844907 should be used.
    The number of elevators is determined as a function of the elevating torque needed, which is determined as a function of the weight and height of the opening element. For further information, consult our memo which is available in the catalogue
    It is recommended that not more than 3 Lift Up elevators should be installed on one opening element.
  • We recommend a compression of around 15% of the lip height.
  • For bonding tabs P/N 1132393, 1132394, 1132377, 1132378, 1132388, 1132379, 1132387 and 1132390 on seals P/N 1132403 and 1132408, we recommend the use of a bonding primer, such as Loctite 770, and a cyanoacrylate adhesive such as Loctite 454.
  • Cellular seals should be compressed between 30% and 50% of their height to obtain an optimum seal. Compression exceeding 50% could prevent a proper seal.
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