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Frequently asked questions - SUB-FRAME ACCESSORIES

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  • Some tool boxes in the JUST range are specifically developed for vans. They are shallower than standard boxes and are identified by the suffix “R” after the product name.
    Example: JUST 500 R, JUST 750 R
  • Tool boxes approved as lateral protection systems are indicated by a blue pictogram ECE R73-01 in our catalogue or on our Web site. Most tool boxes that we sell are approved as lateral protection systems (DPL).
  • The DPL ECE R73-01 approval number is shown on the handles of the various JUST tool boxes.
  • The DPL ECE R73-01 approval number is shown on the window of the various STRIKE boxes.  We use the DAKEN report to guarantee this approval.
  • The new pallet truck boxes ZEN 84 – Z85 and Z86 are equipped with an alloy telescopic access ramp.  
    The most popular model is the galvanised, black painted steel box, width 820 mm, P/N 398Z8640.
  • We can make ZEN boxes to order, to meet any need. Contact your sector sales manager for a quote.
  • All the ZEN steel or stainless steel boxes in the Pommier catalogue are approved as lateral protection systems (DPL).
  • The stainless steel boxes in the ranges Z10 - Z12 and Z13 are made in polished stainless steel AISI 304 BA.  
    LThe box sheet is 1.5 mm thick for ranges Z10 and Z12, and 1.2 mm thick for the Z13 range.
  • Yes, we now offer supports to equip several makes and models of vans. You can check the availability of our product directly on our online configurer:
  • The maximum speed allowed when the Onspot system is activated is 50 km/h (31 mph).
  • Yes. When activated, your Onspot system allows you to drive forward, in reverse, to brake or pull away, on icy roads, in complete safety.
  • Our Onspot system is less effective in snow that is too deep. The depth and density of snow does not allow the chains to rotate freely and effectively.
  • The number of chain strands is defined for various situations. We recommend wheels with 18-strand chains for driving on ice, whereas wheels with 6-strand chains will be better for driving on snow.
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