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Always attentive to the needs of coachbuilders and carriers, POMMIER has announced the launch of a new and innovative generation of aerodynamic rear spoilers for industrial vehicles.


The new aerodynamic AIRWIN rear spoiler kits designed by POMMIER are the result of almost 10 years of in-house and external R&D. AIRWIN is an innovative solution, which has benefited from extensive work to optimise the lengths of spoilers, numerous wind tunnel and road tests, as well as vehicle approval tests. 

Thanks to a smart and effective concept, the new AIRWIN spoilers represent a unique and fully formed solution providing greatly improved fuel consumption for tractor units. By improving the aerodynamics of industrial vehicles, AIRWIN reduces fuel consumption by 2.5%, i.e. around 0.7 litres for a vehicle with average consumption of 27 litres per 100 km. 

A simple and patented product, AIRWIN spoilers are mounted on vehicles’ rear doors and are supplied ready to be easily installed, with a short fitting time and a total weight of less than 20 kg per spoiler in the standard version. 

AIRWIN kits are particularly suitable for vehicles covering long distances on motorways and/or at high speeds (above 75km/h), offering a rapid return on investment. AIRWIN kits are primarily intended for dry vehicle bodies (vans and curtain-sided vehicles) but can also be installed on refrigerated bodies. The range, which comprises 2 versions tailored to different door heights, is already available and can be mounted on the majority of trailers, semi-trailers and truck type vehicles.


Based on an offset rear spoiler, which cuts through and deflects the airflow around the rear of the bodywork, AIRWIN reduces the suction effect around the rear doors. The spoilers act as shrouds, which force part of the airflow to compensate for the aerodynamic pressure drop generated by the vehicle and reduce its drag. This technique is already used in motor racing and allows the length of rear spoilers to be halved, while maintaining the same efficiency in terms of improved fuel consumption. 

On a practical level, intuitive and patented AIRWIN kinematics allow for an optimum door opening angle of 265°, which facilitates access at loading docks. The spoilers blend naturally into the door extension, meaning that door operating and stopping actions remain as before. The stainless steel spoiler opening/closing handle is designed for heavy duty use and it is not vulnerable to impacts or winter handling conditions. AIRWIN’s small overall dimensions and strength offer genuine everyday benefits and also allow vehicles to be cleaned at automatic washing stations without the need to fold the spoilers down. 

AIRWIN can be adapted for all types of vehicles and has been designed to have a rear spoiler overhang of less than 200 mm. As a result, AIRWIN can be left in the road position in all conditions, including in urban areas. AIRWIN is one of its kind on the market, which is a tremendous asset, in particular during loading/unloading operations. 

AIRWIN is also 100% compliant with legislation on aerodynamic devices, which permits a maximum overall width on the road of 2650 mm, a width that AIRWIN spoilers make optimum use of. There is, therefore, no need to climb out of the vehicle to fold down the spoilers before entering town centres or to install a complex control system designed to fold them down automatically. 

A return on investment is achieved after only 28 months with 120,000 km covered per year. For vehicles covering 150,000 km/year, the ROI will be less than 2 years. As diesel costs are rising all the time, AIRWIN will doubtless become increasingly attractive in future and will be amortised even more quickly. 

Finally, by reducing fuel consumption, AIRWIN reduces a vehicle’s CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, and, as a result, helps to protect the environment.