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Lifting and locking systems for movable partition walls in temperature-controlled vehicles



POWERLIFT 6S: the next generation for even more comfort and safety

With POWERLIFT 6S, POMMIER, the specialist in industrial vehicle bodies, has upgraded its lifting and locking solutions for movable partition walls in temperature-controlled vehicles.
Robust, ergonomic, safe and easy to use...the upgrades to this new generation have optimised all the characteristics that have already made POWERLIFT such a success. 

A revised and improved product range

POMMIER has integrated a number of innovations to make the POWERLIFT solution as modular as possible in order to meet all your lifting and locking needs for movable partition walls in refrigerated vehicles. 
The new POWERLIFT 6S generation is the "Plus" version of a successful innovation that has already made its mark: a range of more intuitive products that improve vehicle safety on the road; that are easier to use and less strenuous, reducing musculoskeletal disorders and accident risks; that are more robust for intensive and repeated equipment use, and that offer better accessibility to wear parts for simplified maintenance.

Increased modularity for configurations to meet every need 

Locking, sliding, materials... One of the strengths of POWERLIFT is the many different options available, making our solution perfectly adapted to all different types of vehicle bodies and uses.
POWERLIFT 6S is available with:
- two types of systems for locking of partition travel: manual (with key) or automatic (partition wall at 45° angle)
- two types of slides: stainless steel roller bearings for the manual version. For the automatic version, stainless steel ball bearings (for optimum, quiet sliding) or stainless steel roller bearings (for heavy-duty use) [NEW FEATURE OF POWERLIFT 6S].
- three types of locking systems on vehicle roof: sliding lock (manual version), insert lock (automatic version) or with integrated bumper [NEW FEATURE OF 6S].
- two types of rail profiles: aluminium or zinc-plated steel rail, available in different lengths.

A wide range of equipment and accessories

Within the lifting system itself, the gas springs (quantities and lifting forces adaptable to partition sizes and weights) are not mounted on the POWERLIFT 6S to make installation easier.
To simplify assembly/removal and maintenance on the system: easier access to wear parts that must be replaced over time.
An ergonomic operating handle, a handle for the raised position, and locks to retain the partition wall in a vertical position are also available for more comfort and higher efficiency.
And the POWERLIFT 6S also has an optional mechanism to manually release the partition wall from the vertical position.


[NEW FEATURE] A brand new way to help you select what you need 

How to find what you need from among all the possible configurations in our product range, and select the POWERLIFT 6S version best suited to your intended use?
For the launch of the new POWERLIFT 6S, POMMIER is now offering bodywork professionals a brand new tool, named NEMO, on the POMMIER website to help you make the right choices.
NEMO will guide you step by step through the process to help you define the partition lifting system best suited to your customer's needs and vehicle type. To avoid any possible mistakes, NEMO even identifies the precise catalogue reference numbers to order at each step. 
Over time, NEMO will be capable of recommending other products in the POMMIER catalogue to bodywork professionals.