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A new R58-03 complete range

R58-03 2020


Save time and money on the R58-03 with our approved, ready-to-install products

In spite of the current unusual circumstances, the timetables for the implementation of the updated regulations will probably not be revised.

If your technical resources are limited at the moment, or if you are devoting them to your core business as a vehicle body builder, please remember that, when it comes to the R58-03 standard, we already offer a whole tested and approved range.

Fixed, elevating, retractable, manual or hydraulic, steel or aluminium tubes, for trucks, trailers, or semi-trailers...check out all of our models in the video below:

The best compromise between improved mechanical strength, the tightening of the new positioning and deformation constraints, and controlling weights and costs.

For more information, download below the dedicated pages of our new catalog 2020-2021.

Contact us right away to help you achieve fast, concrete progress of your technical and approval applications.