For many years POMMIER has been carrying out a demanding Quality & Environment initiative in order to obtain "ISO 9001" and "ISO 14001" certifications and thus ensure the best service for its customers.

All of the group's factories are ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified

In order to ensure that the organisation of its activities and its customer service are constantly improving, POMMIER has been committed for more than twenty years to establishing and developing Quality within its group in line with the ISO 9001 benchmark.

With the desire to develop this commitment and incorporate other values which result from preserving people and their environment, POMMIER has also begun an ISO 14001 certification initiative for all of its factories. All of the group's production sites are therefore committed to respecting the environment by controlling the impact related to their respective activities.

"Furgocar Inox Quality" label

In order to highlight the quality of the products manufactured by POMMIER, the group has created the "Furgocar Inox Quality" label based on the recognised expertise of its Italian factory (formerly called Furgocar) in preparing stainless steel.

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