POMMIER DIVES (Normandy, France)
Precision Machining

POMMIER DIVES has specialized in the manufacture of towbars for over 50 years. With 8 machining facilities, 7 numerically controlled machining centers, a painting station and a drying oven.

POMMIER NEUFMANIL (Ardennes, France)
Drop Forging

POMMIER NEUFMANIL is the site for the group's drop forging. With several automated forging lines, hydraulic presses and a 3,500 ton screw press, also produce our own tooling.

POMMIER IZERON (Isère, France)
Plastic Injection

POMMIER IZERON is where all the group’s plastic and thermoplastic injecting is done. With 15 injection presses ranging from 35 to 400 tonnes, including two dual material injection presses, we can produce parts from 0.09 g to 2.7 kg in thermoplastics (polyolefins to polymers) and with carbon long fibres.

POMMIER ITALY (Reggio Emilia, Italy)
Preparation of Stainless Steel

POMMIER ITALY is specialized in the preparation of stainless steel products. Primarily intended for refrigerated vehicle bodies (Furgocar certification, Quality Stainless Steel label) we have an electrochemical processing/treatment centre and cutting and stamping presses.

ISO 14001 Quality Approach

All the group's industrial sites are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Pommier is committed to protecting the environment by controlling the impact of its activities.