Plastic Injection

The POMMIER IZERON site, associated with the Engineering Department of the POMMIER group, designs and produces your technical thermoplastic parts with responsiveness,from the design of their mould up to their manufacture.

The production site

POMMIER IZERON is where all the group’s plastic and thermoplastic injecting is done. With 15 injection presses ranging from 35 to 400 tonnes, including two dual material injection presses, we can produce parts from 0.09 g to 2.7 kg in thermoplastics (polyolefins to polymers) and with carbon fibres.


POMMIER IZERON uses design software that is compatible with the vast majority of the client systems.

Value added

  • Being attentive to our customers' needs so as to define complete specifications together.
  • Proposing suitable solutions to optimise costs on parts and tools.
  • Providing assistance throughout the project, from definition, production of tooling up to mass production.
  • Assuming full responsibility over a sub-assembly project that requires the use of components to be assembled.
  • Developing new materials such as thermoplastic carbon-fibre-reinforced polymers.


To address the definition and production constraints, POMMIER IZERON proposes simulation solutions in order to:

  • Optimise the shapes of the injected parts to avoid deformations and apprehend the shapes that help the material to flow into the mould.
  • Adapt the geometry of the parts so as to define weld seams and reduce deformation.
  • Take into account venting constraints and avoid air retention areas.
  • Reduce shrinkage by respecting thickness differences

Know-how and capacity

Small, medium and large series production

1 to 10 million pieces/year Weight of parts from 0.09 g to 2.7 kg

Weight of parts

from 0.09 g to 2.7 kg


Thermoplastics, from polyolefins to long carbon-fibre-reinforced polymers

Projected area

from 1mm2 to 0.25m2

Machine park

Machine capacity

from 35 t to 400 t without pillar

Dual material press

140 t


Screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, painting, assembly

Assembly workshop

with full functions

11 injection presses

1 dual material injection press

Annual transformation capacity

300 tonnes

Small, medium and large series

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