Drop Forging

Supported by its modern site of POMMIER NEUFMANIL, specialists in forging and machining, with its own engineering department, and making its own tooling, POMMIER puts its know-how as a designer and producer at the disposal of its manufacturer customers.

The production site

POMMIER NEUFMANIL is the site for the group’s drop forging. With several automated forging lines, hydraulic presses and a 3,500 tonne screw press, also produce our own tooling.


POMMIER IZERON uses design software that is compatible with the vast majority of the client systems.


In front of definition and realization stress, simulation solutions offer us to :

  • Perceiving shapes in order to help material flow in the masters, avoid default (cracks).
  • Adapting the geometry to reduce metal consumption.
  • Adjusting the grain direction to guarantee a good fatigue strength under mechanical stress.
  • Limiting distortion during cooling after forging.
  • Identify stress

Test and measurement

  • Metrology and 3 dimensions control
  • Spectrographic measurement
  • Hardness measurement and structure control
  • Mechanical test
  • Magnetic particle inspection

Know-how and capacities

Small, average and big production series
2000 to 50000 pcs/year

Component weight
150 gr to 25 kg

ordinary steel, alloy steel, stainless steel

by machining, thermal treatment, surface treatment, welding, component assembly

Machine Park

  • 3 automated forging lines, hydraulic press 2000 and 4000 KgM
  • 1 automated forging line with a 3500T screw press
  • 5 vertical machining centres with digital control
  • 3 lines of cut automatic collision
  • Annual production capacity: 6000 tons

Focus : Optimisation of a part

An example of POMMIER OEM SOLUTIONS’ added value: the optimisation of a welded assembly that is revised by our inhouse design as a forged steel part.

  • Modernisation of the design for improved integration
  • Optimisation of the consumption of metal to reduce costs
  • Orientation of metal fibre to enhance the resistance of parts to mechanical fatigue