POMMIER know-how available to vehicle builders

"At POMMIER, our designers and manufacturers’ know-how is also at the service of vehicle builders. Several sectors - agricultural, military, maintenance, public works, etc. - therefore call on our expertise in drop forging, precision machining, and in preparing stainless steel and plastic injecting to optimise their development."

A close partnership with our clients

In conjunction with our inhouse design and our manufacturing sites, the technicalcommercial team that monitors OEM projects commits to offer our customers personalised solutions that are best adapted to meet their needs, combining performance and respecting the constraints of scheduling and budgeting.

The following clients trust our expertise

  • agricultural machinery: AGCO, Claas
  • maintenance: Kion Group, Manitou
  • construction: Liebherr, Manitou, Bobcat
  • semi-trailers: Chéreau, Krone, Schmitz, Lamberet, Schwartzmuller
  • vehicles: Renault Trucks, Volvo, Mercedes